What are our services?

Drone-based LiDAR is our primary focus. However, we often collect multiple data types in a single flight including imagery and video.

We are not a survey or engineering firm, but we partner with Survey and Engineering firms if your company needs the addition of a certified surveyor or engineer on our data.


We work with each new customer to find the best-fit deliverable. Examples include:

  • Bare-Earth Models (DTM, DSM, TIN)
  • Raw Point Cloud (.las, .laz, .xyz)
  • Topographic Drawings (.dwg, .dxf, .shp)
  • Geolocated Structural Inspection Images
  • Mosaic Imagery (.tif, .ecw)
  • Volumetrics (.pdf, .csv)
  • Video

Who uses our services?

Engineering firms, Survey firms and other companies who recognize the significant benefit in cost and data quality contract our LiDAR data collection services. Many of our customers first considered setting up their own drone-based LiDAR programs.  However, the high equipment costs, steep learning curve, pilot training, insurance, constantly changing regulations and technology make it hard for many firms to sustain a program.

This is where UAS Global Services comes in. We have the equipment, experience, insurance, relationships, and pilots in place. Whether a customer has one job every few months, 4 jobs a week or more, we are here to provide your company with timely, high quality data. Contact us for a Quote.

Advantage of Drone LiDAR?

  • high-resolution – 500 points-per-meter squared
  • vegetation penetration
  • collect multiple data types per flight
  • collect data in hard-to-reach locations

Why is UAS Global Services different than other “Drone” Companies?

  • We are collecting customer data daily, so our estimates are based on real-world experience
  • We can explain both the benefits and limitations of drone-based LiDAR
  • We have been involved in the UAV/drone industry for over 38 years
  • We have been involved directly in drone-based LiDAR data collection for over 5 years
  • We are not simply purchasing and flying Chinese-built equipment. We design, build and maintain our own platforms

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