Real-World Experience

UAS Global Services cooperates with Engineering and Survey firms to collect LiDAR data for Topographical mapping and analysis. While most jobs average 80 acres, our largest project in 2020 was an 8000 acre topo project, delivering 1’ contour maps and mosaic imagery. The biggest draw for many firms is drone-based LiDAR’s ability to penetrate heavily-treed areas. This allows many firms to save significant cost on a project or even bid a project they simply could not have completed by any other method.

Quality Data

Drone-based LiDAR can deliver 500ppm2 (points-per-meter squared). Contour maps can be created at almost any interval (0.5’, 1’, 2’ contours) and at great resolution if need be. The biggest benefit can be seen in heavily-treed or difficult to access areas. No need to wait for “leaf-off” time of the year to collect data.

It is important to note we are not certified surveyors or engineers, but we have access to both.

We are simply a means to help the industry collect more usable, more valuable data.


LiDAR penetration through trees, even with elevation changes, is another very practical application for our drone LiDAR services. This patch outside Austin changes 150ft in […]
An unexpected survey drone find recently, as we uncovered the tee boxes of a relic of BCS pastimes long overgrown.
Large plant management operations like mines, waste management and quarries often need a bigger picture that ground crews have trouble providing quickly. With the ability to cover 500 acres in a day, and soon more than that, UAS Global Services can turn the most daunting task into short work.

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