I wanted to give my perspective on UAV LiDAR in the industries we serve, as well as explain my thoughts on using a service provider vs. an in-house program for data collection.
Transmission Line Profile
UAS Global Services has built a large amount of experience over the years flying hundreds of miles of transmission line. […]
HB 4150 Water Crossing Drone LiDAR
In 2019 Texas Legislature voted to require utilities to complete regular inspections of conductor height (and more) to ensure safety regulations are being met.
Rural Electric Utility Infrastructure Mapping
Our largest project to-date has been an ongoing fiber project for a central Texas utility company. We have flown over […]
Drone LiDAR Volumetric
Volumetric LiDAR data is such a valuable, repeatable tool. When combined with accurate core samples, a company can minimize inventory shrink and maximize profit much easier than before. #drone #lidar #volumetrics #survey
Drone LiDAR Oil Pad DTM WEB
A large survey was completed to help a customer find all oil pads and document their positions. The project area […]
Wheeler Ridge Drone LiDAR Progression
This heavily-treed property is perfect for drone LiDAR. UAS Global Services saved our client time and cost by not having to clear paths for traditional surveying.