Drone LiDAR

Higher-Quality Data

Drone Surveying

UAS Global Services cooperates with Engineering and Survey firms to collect the highest quality drone LiDAR data they can use…


Drone LiDAR is our primary focus. However, we often collect multiple data sets using multiple sensors…

Electric Utilities

We work closely with Electric Utility companies in Texas, through McCord Engineering. We collect data as efficiently as possible to lower costs for customers. Our largest project, so far in 2020, included over 2000 miles…

A Surveyor’s Best Friend

The right partner can make all the difference

A letter from our CEO

I wanted to give my perspective on UAV LiDAR in the industries we serve, as well as explain my thoughts on using a service provider vs. an in-house program for data collection . . .

LiDAR Resolution

Deliverables created from our .2ft resolution surface models

mosaic resolution

3cm GSD mosaics collected simultaneously with LiDAR


It’s your data, we’ll make sure you can use it. Any format, gauranteed


20 miles or 500 acres in a day!

• Bid on bigger jobs

• Hard-to-reach areas

• Data through trees any time of year

• 1 week data turn-around


Serving Central Texas

5 years as a Trusted UAV LiDAR Service Provider

  • Vetted Pilots
  • Seasoned Data Processors

  • We own the equipment
  • We carry the insurance

Texas Drone Professionals is now UAS Global Services. We still provide UAS services throughout Central Texas. However, our resources now encompass platform design and services for partners around the world.

Contracting our drone LiDAR means. . .

There’s more to working with UAS Global Services drone LiDAR crew than just high-quality LiDAR and photo data. Combine our services with your team for low-cost, high-quality data.

Drone LiDAR Electric Utility Substation

Low-Impact Presence

Minimal access required

Leave nothing behind

Short on-site times

No clear-cutting required

Drone LiDAR Transmission Hill Country

Large Opporitunity

Whether you are short-staffed for a large project or just a small firm trying to make big firm profits on larger bids. UAS Global Services can bring a unique skill set to any size surveying or engineering firm.

Drone LiDAR Oil Pad Survey

Results in Hard-To-Reach Areas

One of the biggest benefits to using our LiDAR services is having RTK-grade accuracy in areas that put field crews in danger, or are covered with dense foliage. Contact us today.

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