Enjoy our latest flight video. Smooth and agile performance. Industry leading technology. 

Smooth operator Curtis Youngblood demos the Anzen EG-1250 with grace and ease. Built with the pilot in mind, the Anzen does most of the flying so the operator can focus on the payload.

Consultancy and design for any development level

UAS Global Services is a Texas-based UAS specialist company offering a complete suite of services to customers, based on decades of real-world unmanned experience. The end-to-end services include: research and development, prototype development, systems and sensor integration, platform design, training and consultancy. Operational services include data collection and data processing utilizing a diverse range of platforms and sensors including, but not limited to: RGB cameras, Flir and LiDAR. UAS Global Services offers a turnkey solution to customers and clients ensuring they have a UAS solution that is fit for purpose.

Anzen EG-1250

The Anzen EG-1250 provides a Group 3, heavy lift, multidrop, long endurance, and flexible platform to greatly expand both the services and operational support offerings from UAS Global Services.

Sicura eg-1100

The Sicura EG-1100 provides class leading real world characteristics heavy lift, long endurance, single rotor helicopter built on decades of UAV helicopter design, competition, and unmanned operation. The Sicura EG-1100 is the 3rd Generation of this internally designed platform to become a workhorse of the UAS Global Services fleet and now available to other clients.


  • Establish Goals

  • Create Budget

  • Determine Timeline


  • Train Client to Perform Task w/ Existing Equipment

  • UAS-GS Performs Operations to Complete Task w/ UAS-GS Equipment

  • UAS-GS Commissioned to Design New System for Client


  • Continued Education for Client After Program Establishment

  • Continued Equipment Support for Platforms and Software

  • Continued Long-term Relationship

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