LiDAR penetration through trees, even with elevation changes, is another very practical application for our drone LiDAR services. This patch outside Austin changes 150ft in elevation over 1000ft. Fully treed, we were able to get an excellent bare-earth model and exceed customer requirements. This particular terrain would be a challenge for both person and equipment.

Not only is it a vertical challenge, but the trees limit signal throughout the property. A rush job for a first-time customer, we were able to move from bid to deliverables in time to help our client meet their deadline within the week.

Our workflow allows us to collect data quickly and accurately. While on site, we also collect our own control and shoot whatever data you have checks on, to ensure congruency between survey and LiDAR data. Our competitive pricing and knowledgeable staff allow you to worry about your customer and your bottom line. Use our drone LiDAR services with confidence knowing our experience and professionalism will put you above the competition.

Size: 45 acres
Location: Texas Hill Country
Time on site: Less Than 1 Hour
Turn-Around Time to Deliverables: 1 Day After Flown