One of the many reasons we like flying jobs locally in the Bryan/College Station area is that several of us grew up here. We recently flew a survey drone using LiDAR to obtain a topo for a flood study. Without realizing it, we uncovered the tee boxes of a relic. LiDAR revealed a forgotten BCS pastime, long overgrown. Pictured below are the google earth imagery compared to the ground-only DTM, revealing what’s left of the Par 3 (nighttime) golf course from the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

LiDAR continues to amaze even our own team as one of the most efficient ways to coax the earth to reveal it’s secrets without turning over so much as a leaf. We specialize in staying out of the way and getting the job done efficiently.

  • Limited amount of time required on site (in some cases everything can be completed without being on the property)
  • Limited access required to complete flights (depending on job size)
  • Penetrate dense foliage
  • 700,000 survey-grade laser returns per second for superior model density
  • Hydro analysis with or without vegetation in the model

The mini course was not in the scope of work, it was just a hidden gem to remind us of why we do what we do.