LiDAR penetration through trees, even with elevation changes, is another very practical application for our drone LiDAR services. This patch […]
An unexpected survey drone find recently, as we uncovered the tee boxes of a relic of BCS pastimes long overgrown.
Large plant management operations like mines, waste management and quarries often need a bigger picture that ground crews have trouble providing quickly. With the ability to cover 500 acres in a day, and soon more than that, UAS Global Services can turn the most daunting task into short work.
Drone LiDAR Volumetric
Volumetric LiDAR data is such a valuable, repeatable tool. When combined with accurate core samples, a company can minimize inventory shrink and maximize profit much easier than before. #drone #lidar #volumetrics #survey
Drone LiDAR Oil Pad DTM WEB
This large oil pad survey was completed to help a client find all oil pads and document their positions. The […]
Wheeler Ridge Drone LiDAR Progression
This heavily-treed property is perfect for drone LiDAR. UAS Global Services saved our client time and cost by not having to clear paths for traditional surveying.